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Verdelho 2019

The relentless sun seemed to hang just a few feet off of the dusty plains, baking the vineyards haphazardly dotting the landscape. The small grapes hid in the shade of the broad vine leaves, each leaf capturing the sun and carrying its essence to the ripening bunches. Just as the heat seemed to peak a breath of wind began gently moving the leaves. The silence broke as a small, weather-worn tractor slowly climbed the tallest hill overlooking the vines. Wiping his brow as he looked out, the winemaker smiled, everything was in balance.  

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Tasting Notes
This 2019 vintage is remarkably aromatic, with notes of lemon zest, mint, butterscotch, and melon captivating the taster into quickly giving this straw-colored wine a taste. On the palate, this is a rich full-bodied wine, with attractive flavors of baked pear, grapefruit, and banana leaving one wanting only a brief pause between sips.
Winemaker Notes
Verdelho has traditionally been one of the most popular grapes planted on the small island of Madeira since vines were first planted there in the 15th century. It is also grown in the Douro valley and the Galicia region of Spain where the stand-out wines are noted for their intense flavors. Traditionally used for fortified white wines, we have found it to be a very interesting dry white wine, giving a depth of flavor and range of styles that perfectly reflect the site on which the vines are grown, a term known as terroir.
Food Pairing Notes
Bring a bottle into the Bolero Restaurante and try it with the Roasted Organic Chicken Medallions, you will be in for a special treat!