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Verdejo 2021

The old man sat at the edge of the lake, looking out as the water seemed to stretch on to infinity, merging with the skyline in the distance. He tossed a stone and smiled as it skipped three times before sinking. He tossed another and watched it skip four times before going under. Smiling, he fantasized about throwing stone after stone, each one skipping further and further until they met the sky. He reached down and picked up another, getting ready to throw it…

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/ 750ML
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Tasting Notes
Leaping from the glass with fresh aromas of lime zest and green melon, this refreshing wine delivers flavors of green apple and tangerine on the palate, enlightened by a zesty acidity.
"Hidden Gem" - Wine Enthusiast
Winemaker Notes
Verdejo is the specialty of the Rueda region of Spain, predominantly surrounded by red wine-growing regions. When you taste this one, you know why they choose to do something different from the growing regions around them.
Food Pairing Notes
Not to be missed with grilled octopus.