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Tannat 2019

The black stallion stood, silent and brooding, behind the old wooden gate. The young man approached slowly, with a measured gait, careful not to upset an animal more than four times his size. As he got closer, the stallion lowered his head. Tentatively the man reached his hand forward and gently stroked the fine black hair. The stallion let out a soft chuff of approval as the motions continued. Smiling, the man thought, “You’re just a big softie, aren’t you?”

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/ 750ML
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Wine Specs
Paso Robles
Vineyard Designation
Bella Collina Vineyard
Alcohol %
Wine Profile
Tasting Notes
Deeply hued with aromas of peppercorn and wild blueberry preserves, seamlessly translating into flavors of raspberry and anise. While full-bodied and moderately tannic, we feel this wine approaches a perfect meeting point of fruit, tannin, and acid, giving the most enjoyable rendition of the variety.
Winemaker Notes
Tannat can come across like a wild stallion, powerful, energetic, and untamed. With a thick skin, high level of acidity, and bold tannin, it can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. However, when the variety is farmed properly and carefully made, it can show a level of finesse and polish that cement its place as one of the great red wine grapes of France.
Food Pairing Notes
A welcome highlight to a medium rare filet mignon.