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Syrah 2019

The darkness of the night was intense, almost seeming to have a weight to it, as the lone woman on horseback rode slowly down the forest trail. Her long black cape moved rhythmically with the hoofbeats, seeming to almost disappear behind her into the shadows. But despite her surroundings, she was calm, grinning as a lone crow called in the distance. “You must enjoy this night,” she thought of the crow, “black is a shade that fits you well.”

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/ 750ML
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Wine Specs
Temecula Valley
Vineyard Designation
Estate Wine
Alcohol %
Wine Profile
Tasting Notes
Immediately rising from the glass to greet an eager nose, aromas of dark roast coffee, black pepper, and ripe plum set the stage for a transcendent tasting experience. On the palate waves of blackberry pie, baking spices and subtle nuances of earth drive this impressively full-bodied wine into a long, yet balanced and pleasantly smooth finish.
Winemaker Notes
Syrah is often blessed with an opacity, richness, and power that few other grape varieties can match. We feel it is one of the premier grapes for Temecula Valley, well suited for our warm days, sandy, gravelly soils, and marine-influenced cool evenings. Tasting this sublime 2019 vintage confirms our assertions that Syrah is capable of staggering power, yet fabulous elegance.
Food Pairing Notes
Just the right choice for the Bolero Restaurante’s fabulous Grilled Marinated Rack of Lamb.