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1923 Qualita' Superiore EVOO

This oil is the perfect representation of a true Tuscan olive oil. Classified as extra-virgin olive oil, 1923 Qualita' Superiore is raw and unfiltered, made exclusively from Frantoio and Leccino olives. Both legendary natives make for the most wondrous butter, full-bodied, gloriously herbaceous blend of all time. These Italian olives are hand-selected and lend themselves to a quite peppery finish due to the use of the entire olive. Enjoy as the complimentary finishing ingredient or foundation to any dish.

REGION: Bolgheri, Italy - Bolgheri is a central Italian village located in the municipality in the province of Livorno, Tuscany.
CLASSIFICATION: Extra virgin olive oil
OLIVES: Frantoio and Leccino olives

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