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2019 Primitivo

The rain came slowly, falling from the sky as if it had dripped, drop by drop, from some great leaky faucet. But the earth eagerly accepted this gift, slow though it may be, as it fell from the heavens, softening as the water coursed through it, nourishing the life it held.

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Tasting Notes
This Primitivo shows classic aromas of red fruits like candied raspberry, lifted by notes of cinnamon and pipe tobacco. On the palate, the red fruits seem to darken, with flavors of plum or blackberry becoming more apparent.
Winemaker Notes
Primitivo is a grape with a long history of greatness and mystery. It is grown in Puglia, on the east coast of Italy, where this flavorful rendition was grown. It also grows across the Adriatic Sea in Croatia, where it is known as Crljenak Kastelanski, and in California as the stalwart Zinfandel. In all of these places, it holds one thing in common, the ability to produce excellent wines! Though we don’t know the exact origin, we do know that it is interesting to see how the different terroirs of these three regions affect the final wine.
Food Pairing Notes
With a lush, smooth tannin and soft acidity, this is an easily approachable wine that will pair well with pulled pork or ribs.