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Nueva Amiga

He sat alone, looking out the window of the train as it began to move away from the station. "Is this seat taken?" A voice rang out, almost in song. He looked up and saw the young woman, her dark eyes glinting in the sunlight. "No," he said, smiling, "please have a seat." She smiled back and sat down. That is how their story began...

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Non Vintage
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Tasting Notes
This delightful sparkling will immediately become your "Nueva Amiga." Drawing in the taster with a bright golden color, delicate bubbles carry aromas of pear and pineapple to an eagerly awaiting nose. On the palate, flavors of tart green apple are enhanced with a lift of toasted coconut on the finish.
Food Pairing Notes
Alongside the Bolero Farm to Table salad, this is a great way to start an epic meal.