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Muscat Canelli 2017

The light shimmered down from the parapets of the stone garrison, reflecting brilliantly off of the waters below and into the equally blue eyes of the young, flaxen blonde woman sitting on the bank. From behind her, a shadow broke the pattern of the light as she turned and looked up into the dark eyes of a similarly young man, his hair and skin shaped by many days in the wind and rain. He gestured toward a cold, dew slicked bottle in his hand, flanked by two shiny crystal goblets. “Care to enjoy a drink with me as the night lingers on?” She smiled and patted her hand on the ground next to her as he pulled out his corkscrew…

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Wine Specs
Muscat Canelli
Temecula Valley
Alcohol %
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Tasting Notes
Muscat is a wine for the sensual and sweet moments in life. Intensely aromatic and rich, it is no wonder that it is one of the first grapes ever cultivated for wine production. This succulent Temecula Valley example lives up to that reputation, delivering eye-popping aromas of apple cider, cream soda, and fresh cinnamon. Viscous and very sweet on the palate, cling peach dominates the flavor with a touch of mineral and lasting syrupy note carrying through a long and pleasant finish.
Food Pairing Notes
A lovely choice for cheesecake, shortbread cookies, or fruitcake!