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Monastrell 2017

The mortar between the bricks was chipped and discolored, but, like the bricks it bonded, stood firm with each blow of the invaders’ axes. From above the archer looked down at the horde and shook his head. “Another day that I will live to see, thanks to you,” he said as he patted the stonework and loaded an arrow into his bow…

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Wine Specs
Temecula Valley
Harvest Date
October 11, 2017
Alcohol %
Wine Profile
Tasting Notes
The aromatic nature of this wine harkens back to antiquity, with a clayey, almost amphora-like earthiness rounding into pomegranate with a hint of pine resin. On the palate, it has a smooth mouthfeel and soft tannin with a trifecta of cherry, violet, and jasmine, slowly resolving into a long and satisfying finish.
Production Notes
We took care to make two harvesting passes (9/24/17 and 10/11/17) to ensure each grape was brought in at the perfect maturity.
Winemaker Notes
Monastrell is also known as Mourvèdre and grown widely throughout the south of France and northern Spain. For millennia, the borders have shifted hither and yon as the various factions fought each other for the precious land. It is believed that the grape originates in the areas around Valencia, where the Phoenicians likely brought it around 500BC. With our climate being so like the ancestral home of the grape, it is a great fit for Temecula Valley.
Food Pairing Notes
An excellent choice for eggplant parmesan or a classic gazpacho.
19 barrels