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Merlot 2018

The lights came on, curtains pulled back, and the ballerina twirled onto stage with the grace of a delicate swan, swaying and moving in a hypnotic rhythm. At the end of the performance the crowd stood and roared with applause and approving cheers. She smiled widely, none of them knew she was the understudy…

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Wine Specs
Temecula Valley
Alcohol %
Wine Profile
Tasting Notes
Leaping from the glass with aromas of menthol, toasted oak, and raspberry pie. Unapologetically full-bodied, this delicious 2018 vintage delivers classic flavors of ripe red plum and fig jam with a smooth and mild tannin structure that carries the finish on and on.
Winemaker Notes
Merlot is often misunderstood in the New World. So many of us think that it is a second fiddle kind of grape, something blended with Cabernet Sauvignon only in spite of tradition. But the fact of the matter is that in Bordeaux, its home, it is normally fuller-bodied and richer in mouthfeel than Cabernet Sauvignon. Where Cabernet Sauvignon has stronger tannins and higher levels of acidity, what some winemakers consider to be the “backbone” of the wine, Merlot is the “flesh.” It is softer in tannin, yet fuller-bodied and plusher in its fruit. We are extremely proud that our Merlot follows this Bordelaise tradition
Food Pairing Notes
Always excellent with mushrooms, particularly a mushroom risotto or the delightful Wild Champiñones in the Bolero Restaurante.