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Primitivo Puglia 2020

The heavily loaded ship crashed through the pounding waves. Already a day without food after their provisions exhausted, the weary crew held on tight and steeled themselves against the battering gale. After what seemed like an eternity, a cry from the crow’s nest permeated the decks, “Land Ho!” The captain quickly released his iron grip on the wheel and descended belowdecks to the hold. He lit a match and held it as steady as possible, a smile blooming on his lips as he saw the precious vines were intact.

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Tasting Notes
Fresh and laced with aromas of raspberry, milk chocolate, and a hint of violet and eucalyptus, this wine is a bright young star that is ready to impress from the first sniff. On the palate, it comes with a very unique and approachable texture. Bright acidity and flavors of juicy red fruits mellow into soft but lasting tannins.
Winemaker Notes
Primitivo is a grape that defines the Puglia region of the Italian province of Apulia. Geographically, Italy is shaped like a boot, and Apulia, extending onto the far southeastern side of the country forms the “heel” of the boot. This region is blessed with some of the most amazing weather for grape growing, with the warm Mediterranean days balanced by cool winds of the surrounding sea that preserve the acidity in these thin-skinned grapes.
Food Pairing Notes
A perfect selection for a charcuterie board with a selection of salami, prosciutto, and capicola.