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Libido Blanco 2018

The sun shimmered down through the leaves of the ancient evergreen oak tree, illuminating the small kitchen on the side of the rustic hacienda. Inside the small, wiry woman scratched her head as the tasted the Zarzuela de Marsicos simmering in her huge cast iron pot. What was missing? She looked over the small hills of spices she had gathered from the garden. The saffron! Of course! After a few pinches she took another taste and a knowing smile bloomed on her face, dinner is ready!

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/ 750ML
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Wine Specs
White Blend
Temecula Valley
Alcohol %
Wine Profile
Tasting Notes
Making great blended wines is akin to making a great meal. No single spice or ingredient can normally match what a careful combination of different ones can achieve. This is certainly the case with our Libido Blanco. Inspired by the great white wines of Spain, this blend, equal parts Verdelho and Viognier, dazzles the nose with ripe apricot puree mingling with honeysuckle and a scintilla of fine, freshly conditioned leather. It coats the palate with a rich and full body offering tempting flavors of tangerine cream and peach skin.
Food Pairing Notes
Finishing round and possessing a soft texture this versatile wine is a great choice for traditional Spanish fares like Zarzuela de Mariscos or tapas or even the American classic coleslaw.
Other Notes
35% Verdelho, 25% Albariño, 20% Chardonnay, 20% Vermentino