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En Vie Blanc

The wildflowers bloomed in the verdant meadow as the young couple relaxed, enjoying the shade of the old oak tree. She reached into the small satchel and retrieved a bottle of wine, pulling the cork with a deft touch and pouring each of them a small glass. “To living in the moment,” she said with a smile, holding up the glass and gesturing toward the scenic surroundings. He held his glass up, and said, “and to you, the only thing here sweeter than this wine.” They toasted and smiled, a perfect day, a perfect wine, a perfect place.

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/ 750ML
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Wine Specs
Non Vintage
White Blend
Temecula Valley
Alcohol %
Wine Profile
Tasting Notes
A fragrant and approachable wine, this golden nectar hearkens to summer with an appealing clarity and aromas of sweet candied apple highlighting nuances of ripe pear. On the palate, it is mildly sweet, yet still slender and refreshing with flavors dominated by honey-dipped white peach.
Winemaker Notes
En Vie Blanc is our homage to the sweet and relaxing moments we savor so regularly here at Europa Village.
Food Pairing Notes
A wine where each sip invites another to follow, this is an easy choice for cheesecake or ginger snap cookies.