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Counoise 2017

The small band of gnarled and weather-beaten men were already on the move, following the sun as it rose over the dry, brush-studded landscape. Silence was the order of the day as they crested the top of the rocky escarpment. Too many past disappointments had trained them to be quiet and hold their expectations, their only guide lost to the wilderness weeks prior. But as they looked down into the valley they were not greeted with ever more scrublands and rocks. A small village, ringed by vines and olive trees beckoned below, bisected by a curve in the small river passing through. “We’re home, We’re home!” the contingent yelled as they dropped their heavy rucksacks and rushed down toward their future…

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Wine Specs
Temecula Valley
Harvest Date
October 9, 2017
Alcohol %
Wine Profile
Tasting Notes
Fresh and pure on the nose, with cherry liqueur and vanilla aromas, this is an elegant wine. On the palate, it is plush and soft textured, with only the mildest astringency from soft and well-integrated tannin. But lightness does not mean blandness, as this complex wine dances through flavors of light red fruits and continually changes its texture.
Production Notes
Harvested from an esteemed local vineyard on 10/9/17 at optimal ripeness, this beautiful wine was aged more than two years in the finest quality oak barrels before bottling.
Winemaker Notes
Temecula Valley is young by viticultural standards, having recently celebrated fifty years of commercial winemaking backed up by roughly 200 years of vineyard cultivation primarily for sacramental usage. So many other regions have taken hundreds, if not thousands of years to find their true style and the very best grapes for their unique combination of weather, soil, elevation, and exposure to the elements, what the French call “terroir.” Counoise is one of the grape varieties that we feel has found its true home here in our valley. Following the past vintage, which received Best in Class and Best of Show at the California State Fair, this is a worthy successor.
Food Pairing Notes
An easy wine to enjoy on its own but even better with mushroom risotto.
9 barrels produced