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Blanc de Noirs 2019

As the sky lightened a glint of gold began to peek over the hills at the far eastern end of the valley. In just an instant the last vestiges of night were gone, the rays of the sun lighting up the sky and delivering a new day.

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Wine Specs
Sonoma Coast
Alcohol %
Wine Profile
Tasting Notes
Aromas of red berry uplifted by notes of freshly sliced lemon. Fuller-bodied and richer in texture than many other sparkling wines, flavors of lime zest are matched by just a hint of black cherry.
Winemaker Notes
Blanc de Noir translates from the French as “White of Black.” It comes from the French terminology that defines what we consider red grapes as black grapes. Our Blanc de Noir is a white sparkling wine made entirely from the classic Pinot Noir grape. However, we remove the skins before the fermentation begins, leaving a clear white wine, but made from the red (or black!) Pinot Noir. This is a longstanding tradition in Champagne but brand new for us at Europa Village. Even though it is a white wine, there are still some characteristics that you would not find in a wine made only from white grapes.
Food Pairing Notes
Excellent with almond-crusted halibut.