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Barbera d'Alba 2018

Hours passed as she walked the cobbled streets, eyes aimed skyward in quiet amazement at the beauty of the old stone buildings, each one uniquely hand-built and different from the last. Finally, her neck began to tire, and she let gravity drop her eyes to the stones beneath her shoes. Suddenly her mind turned a corner, thinking about all of those who had walked those streets over the centuries, and those who would walk them after she was long gone…

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Tasting Notes
On the nose one is immediately transported to the old world, as the roasty, leathery aromas immediately present gradually soften into suggestions of freshly turned earth, violet, and dried raspberry. On the palate this wine is classically light-bodied, balancing notes of sour cherry and light roast coffee with a vigorous, bright acidity.
Vineyard Notes
Grown in clay soils interspersed with sandy deposits, this deeply aromatic wine manages to bring dark fruits and a wonderful richness balanced by a food-friendly acidity that sets it apart, even amongst such dignified wines of this region.
Winemaker Notes
Alba is a dramatically picturesque and historic city in Piedmont, the northwest region of Italy, one of the most important in its home province, Cuneo. It is also a wine and food lovers’ paradise, with the local wines, white truffles, and confections being famous worldwide, some for over a thousand years. It goes without saying that this level of competition imbues producers with the drive to produce the highest quality wines possible, and this special Superiore selection is a standout, even in such a heady company.
Food Pairing Notes
One would be remiss to not enjoy this with a prime cut of slow-braised beef.