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Aglianico 2019

The lone blackbird sat quietly, blending in with the bark of the weathered pine. As the sun rose and banished the last wisps of darkness he opened one eye, and then another, looking down at the grassland below, studded here and there with an old vine. Flapping his wings, he flew off into the morning sky, in search of breakfast.

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/ 750ML
Magellan Series Exclusive
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Wine Profile
Tasting Notes
A bright, lively purple in the glass, this wine delivers enticing aromas of dried cranberry, earth, and spice. On the palate, it shows a bright acidity, interplaying with flavors of strawberry and tart cherry before finishing with a smooth and savory tannin.
Production Notes
The winemaking of the Aglianico is made in a traditional manner through daily pumping over of the wine from the bottom of the fermentation vessel to the skins and seeds that float at the top, naturally propelled from the bottom by the action of fermentation. This process aids the wine in gaining complex flavors and rich color by mixing the skins with the still fermenting wine. The process is continued until the yeast cells have transformed all of the natural grape sugars into alcohol. The skins are softly pressed in order to obtain the best conditions for the start of malolactic fermentation. The wine is then transferred partly into steel vats and partly into barrels for the aging process.
Winemaker Notes
Aglianico is considered by many to be the star of Southern Italian wine grapes. Along with the legendary Nebbiolo and storied Sangiovese, it completes the trifecta of Italy’s finest red grape varieties. This special, limited-production rendering was carefully chosen to take you on a journey to the sun-drenched landscapes that define the South of Italy. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!
Food Pairing Notes
An excellent pairing with Calzoni di Pezzente e Fagioli, a traditional pasta stuffed with ham and salami, topped with Pecorino cheese, beans, and parsley.