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Vendetta 2017

The archer hid behind the stone parapet as arrows whizzed by, clattering off of the ancestral masonry. Sensing a lull in the volley, he leaned forward and quickly dispatched an arrow at the much-decorated carriage of the invading king, his head held out of the open roof, sword pointed skyward. As soon as the arrow left his bow he pulled back behind the stone, as more arrows flew past his cheek. A moment later a gasp was heard from the invading army and the volleys of arrows stopped completely. Looking behind him at the ancient vines, clinging to the rocky hillsides he sighed with relief and thought, “You are safe again my friends, at least for this day.”

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Wine Specs
Red Blend
Temecula Valley
Alcohol %
Wine Profile
Tasting Notes
A pleasant deep purple hue, this complex wine shows complementary aromas of perfume, leather, violet, and strawberry, with garden herbs pirouetting in and out and giving the wine an extra twinkle of excitement. Firmly tannic yet brightly acidic on the palate, flavors of raspberry tart and brown sugar vie for supremacy against waves of ripe plum and rosemary.
Winemaker Notes
Vendetta is our special Super Tuscan blend, combining the best aspects of the traditional Tuscan Sangiovese with the legendary Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, native to Bordeaux on the west coast of France. A very powerful wine now, this vintage, whose predecessor scored 91 points with Wine Enthusiast, will reward patience in the cellar.
Food Pairing Notes
We think this vintage is even better than the last, and invite you to pair it with a bistecca alla Fiorentina to see true magic on your table.
Other Notes
Varietals: 60% Cabernet Sauvignon, 30% Sangiovese, 10% Merlot