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Tannat NV

The wine sat silently in the glass, light from the old overhead bulb dancing off of its purple hue. “You may not be able to speak, but what a story you tell.” thought the old winemaker, as a took another taste and savored the story of the year, of the barrel, of the earth that his wine had to tell…

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Wine Specs
Non Vintage
Temecula Valley
Alcohol %
Wine Profile
Tasting Notes
The story is told through appealing aromas of black cherry and ground pepper that intermingle in a velvety manner with flavors of plum and pomegranate, finishing in a uniquely powerful but balanced tannin.
Winemaker Notes
For us, the very best wines tell a story in the experience they provide to the lucky person tasting them. They are not just a beverage, but a time machine that takes you to the year and place the vines were grown, to the cellar where the wine was so carefully aged, and finally to the present moment, when, after all of this time, all of these painstaking measures, the wine is finally ready to tell the story it has waited so patiently to relay.
Food Pairing Notes
Tannat can tell many stories, but this selection, with a precise marriage of power, complexity, and delicacy, shows a side of the variety we are so proud to share with you, especially if you can enjoy it alongside a smoked beef brisket.