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Pinot Noir Winemaker's Reserve 2018

The cooper walked through the dense forest, examining each of the old oaks, poking and prodding them, looking up at their canopies. Finally, after more than an hour, he stopped and smiled. “Yes, you will be the perfect vessel for our greatest wine,” he said, caressing the bark gently. Pulling his axe from the worn leather rucksack hanging from his shoulder, he began making his cut.

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Pinot Noir
Santa Rita Hills
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Tasting Notes
Showing a moderate level of color extraction, one whiff and the mind is captivated by the interplaying aromas of black cherry, forest floor, and toasted oak. Pierced by a spear of acidity that lifts this wine out of the ordinary, flavors of cherry cola tinged with cinnamon resolve into a supple tannin that does justice to the extended barrel aging afforded this unique Winemakers’ Reserve bottling.
94 Points | Platinum rating by Sommelier Challenge
Winemaker Notes
Pinot Noir is regarded as one of the greatest grapes in the world, as well as one of the most difficult to specialize in due to its specific climatic needs and susceptibility to many faults in the cellar and vineyard. However, this challenge is what has brought out some of the great winemaking talents of all time, those special few who realize the most fascinating characteristic of this grape is its innate ability to translate the effect of the vineyard site, what the French call terroir, to the final wine. This delectable example, sourced from the highly regarded Rancho Las Vinas Vineyard in the Santa Rita Hills of Santa Barbara County, is a favorite of ours due to its complexity and consistent excellence.
Food Pairing Notes
A natural pairing for garlic butter salmon, roast duck, or steak tartare.