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Mencia 2021

The sun shone through the pine forest, with the fine rivulets of light illuminating the forest floor as if it was littered with so many diamonds...

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Tasting Notes
This special selection delivers classic aromas of ripe cherry and wild red berries. On the palate the fresh red fruit character is tempered by the slightest hint of blueberry, resolving into a satisfying spiciness.
Winemaker Notes
Mencia is more than just a wine or a grape. Rather, it is an experience, an odyssey, the definition of the journey of discovery that is our Magellan Series. These rare grapes are grown only in the Valdeorras region comprising the rugged, easternmost hills of Galicia, in northwestern Spain. For many years it was only available to locals, with all of the production consumed within this small area. When you taste this one, you will understand why it took so long for the Galicians to allow this special wine to finally be shared with a few discerning international connoisseurs like you.
Food Pairing Notes
Find a lovely partner for this wine in the Bolero Restaurant, where the Chicken, Chorizo and Serrano Jamon Paella beckons.