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Godello 2018

The gravelly quartz soil crunched beneath the feet of the sheep as the shepherd let them loose from their pen, gradually quieting as they made their way onto the grassy plain and began to enjoy their lunch. As she shut the gate she sat on an old wooden crate and pulled a small loaf of crusty bread and a triangle slice of Manchego cheese from her satchel. Feeling a little weight remaining in the satchel she dug down and found a small bottle of white wine with a note, “Enjoy, Mi Amor!” She smiled and looked out at her flock, reveling in the joy of the moment.

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/ 750ML
Magellan Series Exclusive
Magellan Price: $36
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Tasting Notes
A honey gold color that is a feast for the eyes, this unique Magellan selection gently wafts from the glass with aromas of honey roasted peanut, sweet cream, and a hint of slate. Round, soft textured, and surprisingly full-bodied on the palate, a remarkable level of complexity is at work as the wine leaps from flavors of baked apple onto hints of spiced pear before finishing in a delicate acidity.
Winemaker Notes
Godello is a grape that, like a few others we know and love, nearly went extinct in the 1970s due to a loss in popularity and promotion of more established varieties. The region where the grape is grown, Bierzo, has been historically remote and unnoticed by many wine enthusiasts around the world. But now we see a resurgence in popularity, both for the region and its wines, that is leading to a renaissance in the quality of this once-maligned grape. This one is a great example of this renaissance.
Food Pairing Notes
A perfect companion for a perfectly aged piece of Manchego cheese.