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Garnacha Blanca 2023

Cerulean waves lapped lazily at the narrow, deserted beach. High on a cliff above a few small vines clung to the terraces overlooking the sea. As the sun began to slip under the horizon the vines readied themselves for rest, ready to spend yet another evening in paradise…

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Wine Specs
Garnacha Blanca
Temecula Valley
Alcohol %
Wine Profile
Tasting Notes
For the lucky taster, aromas of melon and white flowers gracefully translate into flavors of yellow apple with just a hint of sea spray present.
Winemaker Notes
Garnacha Blanca is grown all around the Mediterranean Sea, from the south of France to Northern Africa. Like many of the great wine grapes of the world, it possesses a unique ability to tell the story of the land on which the vines were grown through the aromas and flavors presented to the taster. This one tells the story of Duarte’s Vineyard, one of our favorite sites, in the Temecula Valley. Carefully tended by the passionate and dedicated Rafael Duarte, we are incredibly fortunate to work with these grapes each year. In 2023 we saw a longer, cooler growing season than is typical, which allowed for excellent maturity and balance in the final wine.
Food Pairing Notes
A welcome refreshment on a summer day and a lovely pairing with the Gambas Con Espaguetis in the Bolero Restaurante.