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En Vie Artist Series 2021

The city had changed so much over the years, cobbled streets giving way to pavement, old torch lights replaced with the newer electrical ones from Paris, the faint bray of a horse-drawn carriage replaced by the hum and tick of the engine. The morning smells of green fields and wet stones were replaced by those of the roasting of coffee beans as the day began. The soft music of the town squares was replaced by the endless televisions playing their messages into so many living rooms, with families huddled inside like rabbits in a warren. But one small section, one stone enclave nestled around a corner, out of the way of the ‘progress’ still stood as a testament to the old times. No modern noises seemed to permeate this small quarter, the narrow streets much too small for automobiles, the wide windows made for letting in the light of the day, rather than that of the electrical socket. At the end of the street, a solitary blue door still creaked open and shut with the comings of a family, now in their tenth generation in the same home, content with their version of ‘progress.’

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Wine Specs
Red Blend
Temecula Valley
Alcohol %
Wine Profile
Tasting Notes
The story of the 2021 vintage is relayed to us via 27% Syrah, with powerful pepper notes and dark fruit, 25% Grenache showing soft red fruits and a velvety texture, 19% Mourvedre delivering a spear of acidity, 15% Carignan lifting the wine with ripe blueberry flavors, 12% Petite Sirah providing a deep color and intense tannin and 2% Cinsault contributing a hint of cherry.
Winemaker Notes
En Vie, our homage to the great wines of the Rhône Valley, is one of our favorites to produce. This is because while the blend always contains grapes common to the Rhône every year we have the opportunity to use them differently to tell the story of the vintage. In 2021, we saw an intense and powerful vintage that allowed us to use five grapes to give the most unique En Vie we’ve ever produced.
Food Pairing Notes
A delightfully complex wine that matches beautifully with a roasted leg of lamb.